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Graphic Design Portfolio

Website Design Service

Do you need a DIY website for your business or blog? Are you confused about where to start, or how to maintain your own web page? Let me help you explore your options, whether you prefer a DIY approach or want a site set up for you that is easy to maintain! With experience in Wix, HTML, and Strikingly, we can discuss your preferences and find the perfect solution for your unique needs.

Multimedia Sculpture 

A weyr is a dragon den, sometimes housing multiple queens and their mates in vast caverns where heat from earth's core warm the nesting grounds. The favored among humans can be found living and partnering with the dragons in creating a life of wonder.


Here at the studio, we call the space designated for sculpture creation The Weyr -or, Bristlecone Weyr, where dragons come to life! To learn more, visit "The Weyr" tab in the menu. 

For a quote or more information head to the Contact page!
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